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Mindset Coach

Today, I coach thousands of clients through my company, Conway Consulting, helping them level up their mindset, their business and, their results.


As a coach, I started asking myself, ‘what is one thing in the world that people are needlessly suffering from and if they only knew this one idea or this one thing, they wouldn’t suffer anymore?’


That question led me on my mission to define and live my purpose, which is to help people discover the power of their own minds and experience tangible results in their personal and professional goals.


A big component of my coaching is action. There are a lot of people in the world who study personal development and mindset, and who have amazing ideas, but their results are elusive because they aren’t taking action. They don’t know what they are actually selling, or how to sell what they are offering, and this is where I come in.


I coach them to release energy by increasing their service to others because the truth is, not everybody gets sold, but everybody must be served.


Sales starts and ends with service and so too does living our full potential in all areas of our life.


When my daughters were born, I felt a love I’d never experienced. An instant connection to ‘something more’ that was bigger than me and yet, was a part of me and why I do what I do.

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