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April 4, 2023 | Toronto Canada

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Networking Conference

Networking Conference

Learn to generate more leads to make six-figures through branding, networking, speaking, video, and social media!

It's time to take your business global and Go Viral!

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I'm Ready to Go Viral, Sign me Up!

Learn Strategies to Get Known,
Get Connected, and Get Paid to
Make Six-Figures and Beyond!

You should attend if...

  • You are a coach, speaker, consultant, or service-based entrepreneur that is ready to take your business to the next level. ​

  • You want to learn to expand your network so that you can get more referrals.

  • You sometimes feel unknown in your niche and it's time to get known.

  • You want more connections to a network and community that can help you grow.

  • You are not getting paid the money you know you deserve and you are ready to grow to six-figures and beyond!

  • You are ready to GO VIRAL and BE SEEN everywhere!


At this conference, you will learn. how to...

This is the only conference where you will leave with appointments on your calendar, guaranteed!

  • Network virtually and in person to make real connections and build relationships that last a lifetime.

  • Create messaging to attract your ideal clients and strategic partners.

  • Create real relationships in your niche/target market so that you're the go-to expert.

  • How to keep your calendar filled with people to talk to WITHOUT doing tons of follow up.

  • Connect with the centers of influence to expand your network virally.

  • Use social media to be seen everywhere and go viral.

  • Use video and other technology tools to expand your network.

  • Bonus - Go from being in the audience to being in front of the room with a signature talk that sells.

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Who is Toni Harris Taylor?

About the host

I am a passionate marketing/sales coach and international speaker. My company Drastic Results Marketing and Sales Coaching helps entrepreneurs to get known, get connected and get paid! I teach my clients how to leverage branding, networking, speaking to magnetically attract their clients to grow to six figures and beyond! I am the author of several business books and I have a small business TV talk show where I interview successful entrepreneurs to touch move and inspire them to stay in the game!


The second way I help my clients is to teach them how to network, give them a place to network and coach them to get known, get connected so that they can get paid. I am a franchise owner and community builder with Network in Action Northeast Houston (Humble, Kingwood and Atascocita). NIA is a lead generation organization that helps its members to build relationships to create more warm referrals. I love meeting new people and helping to facilitate connections that will help them to thrive.

If you are ready to get drastic, register today and connect with other drastic steppers who are ready to take their business to the next level!

I’m glad you asked.  My clients call me, "The Coach that Connects™ and The Networking Queen™.

I was asked, “What’s your why?” After pondering the question, I stated, “My why is to touch move and inspire my clients to be greater than they were before they met me. I’m a connector and a resource. I love helping my clients build deeper relationships that are beneficial to their life and business.” I help my clients to get out of their comfort zone to take drastic steps. The word DRASTIC is not only a mindset but it’s an action word. I believe that no one is successful without taking drastic steps, and I’m honored to help my clients to be DRASTIC!

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I'm Ready to Go Viral, Sign me Up!

Conference Speaker Sponsors

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Business Owner and Outsourcing Expert

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Hi, My Name is Larry Tucker. I am a husband and a Father of 4. I started my career in Corporate back in 1991. where I worked as an Mfg.Engineer in charge of Mfg. Automation. Early in my career, I was promoted and began coordinating startup manufacturing operations in Southeast Asia and Latin America. After 17 years of helping APC successfully grow from a $250M/yr to a $2B/yr global operation. I decided it was time for a change. In 2007 I relocated to Houston to run a mfg. Plant for a European Oil and Gas company, and after 22 years of corporate, I decided it was time to take everything I learned and start my own business. In 2012, I started my 1st company; by 2014, I was back in corporate America. For the next seven years, I worked in the corporate scene, went back to school, and finished my degree, all while thinking about how can I use my nearly 30 years of experience in Process Automation and Outsourcing to start my own business using the proven corporate strategies I learned to help the small business owner. The 2020 pandemic opened the door by creating an incredibly high demand for virtual talent. Then In 2021, I was introduced to the most advanced CRM today, Go High Level. It was the culmination of these two events that led to the official. Launch of E2W Inc. (S.A.V.E.S). Software and Virtual Expert Services.

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CEO and founder of Stay Hungry Club®


Dianne Bowdary is a corporate executive and career and finance coach. Dianne is a master at leveling up the resources in others to live the life they desire and earn the money they deserve. Dianne is also the founder of the Stay Hungry Club, which provides the education and tools necessary for corpreneur women who crave to do more, be more, and make more in their personal and professional lives. Dianne has worked in leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies and startups. Based on her experience and professional training, Dianne has helped Corpreneurs overcome the lack of promotions, the prevalence of layoffs, and the threat of financial dependence once and for all.

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The Reset Realtor and
Video Coach

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Sheila covers the Houston real estate market. Her fast forward out of the box thinking, motivated attitude, and genuine care for all her clients has awarded her a rank of Top Producing Realtor®.


She spent the first 25 years of employment in the general construction industry, where her innate entrepreneurial spirit, went unanswered. After a leap of faith, Sheila “reset her life” by becoming a Realtor® in her 40’s. Using her natural, outgoing personality to stand out in the saturated real estate industry, Sheila began using video marketing combined with social media to gain recognition and influence in the field thus becoming a top tier realtor® Taking what she has learned, Sheila shares her knowledge with other real estate agents and entrepreneurs through her YouTube channel and mentoring. 


Sheila is a native Houstonian who resides in Humble, TX with her husband, and pup Doug. They have two adult children and are proud grandparents of two grandsons. When asked, “what do you consider your greatest accomplishment” she said, “family” without hesitation because in this wild world it is important to leave a legacy. Every accomplishment has been for her family.

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Owner and
Content Writer

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Anne McAuley Lopez of Agency Content Writer has loved writing for as long as she can remember. When corporate America kicked her out in 2010, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a professional writer. Since that time, she has worked with small and medium sized business across the country. Her specialties include partnering with web designers and developers, and writing website and blog content for marketing agencies, placement agencies, recruiters, bookkeepers, home services, financial and legal services, travel, and real estate. When she isn’t writing, she is exploring her new city, Charlotte, North Carolina with her family and their dog.

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Owner of 
Style4Success, LLC


Eva Medilek is a Certified High-Performance Coach, International Speaker, #1 Best-Selling Author, and Cultural Inclusivity Trainer. She has worked with men and women in the areas of personal development, leadership, inclusive intelligence and mastering habits for success. Eva specializes in helping busy professionals have more money, time, and success without sacrificing health, well-being and relationships in the process. As a keynote speaker, Eva shows you how to generate the energy needed to reverse the burnout we experience from trying to do it all. Most recently, Eva is a radio talk show host on Voice America’s Influencer Channel. Her show, What’s Important Now; Making Time for What Matters Most brings to light hot topics and guests that focus on important matters facing us today.

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Owner of
Greater Elevations LLC

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Jacquelyn Bhones is a nurse of 16 years.

Jacquelyn has experience in Medical and surgical oncology, emergency room and trauma services, long term acute care, skilled nursing care, hospice, and hospital intensive care.

Through the years, Jacquelyn has fulfilled her passion of serving the community in a variety of nursing and management roles. Jacquelyn has served as a Nurse Manager, ER Director, and Director of Nursing at a Skilled Nursing Facility.

Jacquelyn currently has a Bachelor’s in Nursing, a Bachelor’s in Health Management, and a Master’s in Public Administration and Health Care Administration.

Exhibit Table Sponsors - SOLD OUT

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Dai Smith

alfred white.jpg

Alfred White

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Nikki Smith

Simplicity By Day LLC


White House Tax Help


365 NNC

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Michelle Walker-Davis

Imperial Management Group

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Katrina Adeoye

Running Boards Marketing | Allocate Answering Service LLC 


What past sponsors have to say...

I'm grateful I was selected to be a sponsor at the 2021 VNC. A spirit of excellence blanketed every aspect of the event - the content, the venue, the guest speakers - everything was top-notch. And the quality and energy of the attendees confirmed I was in the right room. I immediately scheduled nearly 25 follow-up calls, closed nearly $12,000 in business, and the relationships I started at VNC continue to grow.  -- Valeria Collier-Vick, P.E., PMP, Copywriting Expert
The opportunity to be one of the sponsors for VNC came at an awkward time for me, having had major surgery two months before. However, over the years I've learned to trust my instincts with Toni Harris Taylor's events. This was no exception. Not only did I quickly recoup my investment, to date, I have 10x the cost of the sponsorship. More importantly, I have gained lifelong connections and new friends! --Marvin Cloud, Book Publisher
I took a shot at being a sponsor at Toni’s VNC in November 2021. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for my business! The room was full of excitement, Toni is a great host, and everyone was so welcoming considering it was my first time visiting Houston AND my first time on stage! I have made 6x what I invested to be there! -- Caitlin Penny, Graphic Designer
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The power of this conference is the best of all worlds!

  • Community

  • Connections

  • Clarity

  • Confidence

  • Cash!

Join us as we create your unique business so that you can have the six-figure business you dreamed of!

Now is the time to...

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I loved the outpouring of love generated by everyone.The energy in the room was magnetic. Toni is an influential leader, her authentic stories drew me in and inspired me to expand my vision. The speakers presented clearly and engagingly. The entire event was a magnificent success. I saw networking in a new light, where action was taken and connections were made in the moment. I always believed in viral networking as the fastest most reliable distribution method for people, services or products. It’s the way of the future! - - Hannah Park Lusterman
I loved all the knowledge that was dropped by each speaker. I absolutely love the new trend you are developing in networking. I hated going to those large networking events where even though I was consistent, I didn't make solid connections. I actually set 1-on-1's that have been scheduled on my calendar. Keep it up! Love it! - - Christie Love
I loved all the engagements! The excitement in the room was contagious! I loved the wealth of actionable information and straight talk! I absolutely enjoyed the conference. So much good information was shared. And I was so impressed with each speaker. I absolutely loved it! - - Sheila Collins
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I loved all of it!! My favorite part so far was the ending when you did the networking interview!!! - Erica Leary
I loved the information and the organized way it flows! - Andrea Hancock
The connections and content were new and invaluable. - Dianne Bowdary
I learned more at this conference about networking than any I’ve attended. “It’s not networking it is building relationships!
- Debra Field
So much energy! Great event, so much information! - Maria Taylor
It encouraged me to include speaking engagements to expand the success of my business. - Germance Denise Durst
I have never attended an excellent conference, but this was definitely it! Great Job!!! Standing Ovation! S. Coleman
I loved everything. The topics were awesome!! - Dandreon Gray
I loved the variety of speakers & topics!
- Dr. Tamara White
The clarity, connection, and transparency!! - Krystal Josiah
All the information was fantastic. Usable tactics I can implement. - Bea Emanuel-Sims
I loved the energy and being surrounded by like minded people. - DeLia Wilson


General Admission (online)

  • Access to all 3 days of the conference

  • Virtual Goodie Box

  • Online speed networking to grow your International network

  • Digital conference workbook


Only $97

The VIP Experience (In-person)

Houston, TX

  • Access to all 3 days of the conference

  • Special Gift bag filled with goodies

  • Virtual Goodie Box

  • Printed event materials

  • In-person Connections

  • Conference Buddy

  • Roundtable connections with guest speakers

  • VIP Fun outing

  • Lunch and snacks are provided on all three days

  • Conference shirt

  • Ask Toni Anything Q&A After Call (11/9)

  • 30 min. Private follow-up call

  • Recordings to the entire conference

  • Special room rate of $78+tax at
    Hyatt Intercontinental Airport Hotel


All for $297

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